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Custom Home Networks vs. Off-The-Shelf—What You Need To Know


Smart Home technology, security systems, and automated shades are intriguing and compelling. However, an essential piece of the puzzle is often overlooked - the home network. There are right and wrong ways to set up your home networks. If you think that going down to your local “big-box” retailer and picking up the most expensive wireless router is the best option, you’re sadly mistaken. For home networks, the needs are different from one to the next. In this article, we will discuss the most reliable and secure methods for setting up custom networks for your smart home so that your smart home is safe and reliable.

Motorized Shades For Your Home—Where To Start?


With convenience at the pinnacle of today's society, we are always looking for ways to make our home safer, increasingly more efficient, and to be as comfortable as possible. If safety, efficiency, and comfort align with your goals, perhaps you should look into the latest technology of motorized shades for your home. Where do you even start, though, when exploring motorized shades? In this article, we will discuss what to look for in window shade technology and the manufacturer that makes them.

Video Conferencing - What you need to know for your business

Video Conferencing - What you need to know for your business

Doing business with entities that are not local is the new normal. The telephone, fax machine, internet, email, text and more has made it easier than ever to do business with customers anywhere in the world. Are FaceTime and Skype the best way to communicate with your customers though? In this article, we discuss the top reasons for companies to consider adding enterprise-grade video conferencing gear to your boardroom and meeting rooms.