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Master Light Control in Your Building with Lutron

Lutron Lighting Control Impacts Comfort, Costs, and Productivity

Master Light Control in Your Building with Lutron

Managing a building’s lighting has an immense impact on the work that happens there.  When you think of the benefits of lighting control, the first that might spring to mind is energy savings.  While that’s a prime motivator, that’s not the only consideration. 

Bad lighting situations can cause more than wasted energy and money.  If people are uncomfortable while they are working due to lighting that isn’t well suited for their tasks or the Texas sun heating the office to disagreeable levels, then productivity suffers.

So, how do you efficiently manage light in a room or building?  How do you offer occupants enough control over their environment yet maintain efficiency?

Read on to learn more about how Lutron lighting control solutions available in and around Houston can help increase efficiency, productivity, and environmental friendliness in your building. 

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Managing the Environment

Lutron solutions can be as simple as one room. For a conference room, a sensor can detect occupancy and shut off the lights when no one is there. These sensors can be mounted on a ceiling, a wall, or integrated into the light switch.

When the room is occupied, like during meetings, one touch can set the lights appropriate to the task. For a presentation, dimmed lights can ensure attention is directed at the appropriate material. Or, for a team brainstorming session, brighter lights will allow everyone to interact more freely.

In each of those scenarios, the right lighting can enhance comfort and increase productivity. When a room is not in use, lights automatically turn off reduce wasted energy and costs.

Now imagine scaling that up to an entire building. Lutron solutions effortlessly scale up to manage large areas, buildings, and even campuses.

And, lighting control isn’t limited to the bulbs in the ceiling! Lutron’s Grafik EYE QS is a system for managing lights and shades, which allows you to also manage a building’s natural light. Tunable white control, a new feature this system offers, enables you to adjust the warmth and coolness of your office lighting. On top of helping bring the right aesthetic to spaces, it customizes lighting to the purpose of the space. Grafik Eye can also control Lutron Contract Roller Shades, offering a seamless solution for managing outside light along with interior solutions for a perfectly lit environment. 

Intelligent Control

What does this technology look like in real life? Take Quantum, Lutron’s lighting and energy management system that ties together lighting controls, motorized shades, LED ballasts, and sensors under one software umbrella.  It offers features like lighting control through a graphical floorplan interface, and analytics reporting that shows how spaces in buildings are being occupied, enabling smarter operational decisions.

Using Quantum, the New York Times has been saving $600,000 a year in energy costs in their flagship building in New York City.  Besides the savings from better lighting control, additional economies come from the decreased load on the HVAC system because of less heat generation from lighting.  Think about the potential savings achievable through the deployment of a Quantum-controlled system in the heat of a Houston summer! 

Lutron lighting control systems offer many more options to manage light in your building or campus. To learn more, give us a call or fill out this quick contact form for a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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