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The Best Options for Smart Automation for the Round Rock and Georgetown Area

Want to add the latest and greatest smart technologies to your home or business? That’s what we do best! We serve the Round Rock and Georgetown area (as well as all across Texas) with a wide variety of solutions for commercial and smart home automation.

Below, we explore some of the options that are hitting it big in your area!

Featured Options in Round Rock and Georgetown

Full Commercial Automation

More and more businesses – from restaurants to offices – are embracing commercial automation. A commercial automation system connects all of the technologies throughout your business and allows you to manage everything under one centralized platform.

At the push of a button, adjust the climate, lighting, motorized shades, audio, video, and security in every corner of your business. The system is designed to make your business more efficient, secure, and appealing to employees and customers alike.


Custom Home Cinemas

Never feel like you have to brave the crowds at the movie theater again! You can enjoy the next blockbuster hit right from your own home with a private theater. Surround sound systems, 4K Ultra HD projectors, and customized seating provide the perfect media-viewing environment.

Binge-watch a new show or host a movie marathon and watch as you and your family get immersed in the action of a new cinematic world every time.


Whole Home Audio

Listening to your favorite band’s album just got a whole lot easier. You’ll never have to worry about missing a song, pausing your music, or taking a long time to adjust the volume. Whole home audio means your music can follow you to every corner of the house. Turn up the tunes all from one source, and jam out as you go about your daily activities.

Have a specific speaker brand you love? We carry many of the top options for high-end and multi-room audio, so just let us know what you’re looking for!


Smart Security Systems

A smart security system gives you the peace of mind of knowing your home or business is fully protected at all times.

Check real-time video surveillance footage right from your phone – no matter where you are. Use your phone to double check that the doors to your business are locked or to see who is at the front door of your home.


Are you thinking to yourself “I want more than just home theaters and security!”? Don’t worry. When it comes to smart technology, we pretty much do it all.

For specific information about solutions, brands, or services that will fit your home or business, just give us a call! You can also fill out this contact form below, and we’ll reach out to you to learn more.

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