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Commercial Automation – What You Want to Know

23 May 2018

Commercial automation sounds like a vague term.  We’re not referring to robots and artificial intelligence here, but we are talking about technologies that make commercial buildings smarter. 

Commercial automation is about integrating control technologies to make buildings more secure, energy efficient, and productive environments.

The main areas are lighting control, climate control, security systems, and audio/visual systems.

Let’s take a look at how these things work together to make smarter buildings here in Houston.

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Lighting Control

Lighting control offers benefits across almost all the main areas.  With the right sets of sensors installed, significant energy savings can be achieved by simply turning lights off in unoccupied rooms like conference rooms and bathrooms. With newer LED lighting, white light can be adjusted from cooler to warmer tones, and brightness can be controlled to create an environment suited to the task.  Coupled with motorized shades, the right balance of natural to artificial light can be struck.

Climate Control

Commercial buildings have long had centralized climate control systems.  But commercial automation can integrate this with lighting and shade control, to better manage a hot Houston afternoon sun streaming into a western facing facade.  There are even ways to let employees manage their environment – for example, adjusting the temperature in a meeting room for better comfort and productivity, while still maintaining centralized control for efficiency.

Audio/Video Systems

How many times have you seen a presenter looking for the right cable to connect to his Macintosh laptop to project a presentation?  Or wondering how to do it from a tablet?  Too many, no doubt.

In meetings, productivity is paramount.  No one wants to waste time being unable to share information with ten people in a conference room effectively. It’s vital that audio/video technology be up to date and offer compatibility with many devices – computers, tablets, smartphones – that people will use to get work done.  That means offering simple, automated, wired and wireless connectivity to things like projectors and flat panel screens for easy information sharing. 


Access control systems for buildings have come a long way.  Today’s systems are based on industry-standard hardware, software, and communication protocols, making it much easier to tie things together.  For example, some current systems can automatically recognize authorized users through their smartphones.  They can also integrate with smart lighting to only light up areas where people are working.  Security cameras can track entry and exit, and can also automatically trigger alerts for suspicious behavior. 

A Better Environment

When everything works in tandem – lighting, climate, audio and video systems, and access – it simply makes for a pleasant, comfortable, secure, and productive environment for whatever business is being conducted.  We can work with you to add the right level of commercial automation to your buildings.  Feel free to call or fill out this quick contact form; we would love to talk.


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