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Upgrade Your Conference Room in 2018

26 March 2018

Imagine this: you are giving an important presentation, only for the projector or system to glitch. Now there’s an embarrassing delay, while you fumble with buttons and devices, just trying to move on with the presentation.

It can be a nightmare!  You shouldn’t have to stress about your technology keeping your meetings from running smoothly. Now with a conference room automation upgrade available in and around Austin, you can elevate your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Read on to see how you can utilize your new smart technology to make your conference room work for any situation.

Create a Perfect Atmosphere

While the audience is settling in, you can make sure everyone is at ease and won’t even notice how simple the preparation was. With a push of a button, regulate the temperature with climate control – ensuring everyone is comfortable and ready to give their undivided attention.

Then, easily lower the room’s motorized shades to eliminate glares on the screen or make sure the projector’s light is easy to see. Once you’ve rolled down the shades, you can easily adjust the lighting and determine how much is needed for note-taking.  

To save time, pre-set certain “scenes” for meetings you have regularly. For example, a brainstorming session scene might feature brighter lights, with the projector and screen hidden while not in use.  With a single press of a button, it’s all readily available for whatever type of meeting you have planned.

Start Without Any Delays

Now that the room is prepped and ready, the presentation can begin. You can turn your focus right to the material, rather than glitches with the technology.

Using your automated system is easy even as you manage the meeting. Turn on your projector and screen, control the volume and brightness, and decide how you want every part of the presentation to appear and operate, all with just one device.

With plenty of bandwidth, graphs, imagery and video won’t cause an abrupt halt in the meeting. Transitions operate smoothly, so you won’t be nervous that any component of a presentation could become an issue.

Use One Centralized Source

The key to an efficient, automated conference room is that the system is all managed by one centralized source. Instead of digging for the projector remote and walking laps around the room to adjust the light switches and shades, you’ll control all smart devices with one tablet or remote. 

Once technology is operating seamlessly, you’ll be amazed at the time and focus your team can dedicate to their work. Meetings run quickly and efficiently, and when you bring in clients for presentations or pitches, you’ll make a fantastic impact.

Your office will now be prepared for every presentation and meeting this year.

Make company and client meetings a breeze from here on out.  Want to learn more about conference room automation and how it can transform your next presentation?

Give us a call (Austin Office 512-387-8221 | Houston Office 281-204-8300) or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!


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