The Light Renaissance

Modernize Your Home’s Lighting Design & Control

Sync with your Circadian Rhythm.

Our bodies are designed to operate on a 24-hour schedule, known as a circadian rhythm. This internal clock regulates everything from our sleep cycles to our hormone levels. Circadian rhythms are primarily determined by light and dark cues from the environment.

Benefits of Lighting Control

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Circadian Rythm

Reduces depression, improves sleep quality and lessens agitation among dementia patients.

Energy Efficiency with Shades

Shading systems save energy by harvesting daylight and reducing the load on HVAC systems.

Improve Productivity

Enhancing the comfort levels of a space leads to increases in productivity.

Improved Safety

Sensors in a house can be used to navigate easily and turn on lights with the press of a button.

Energy Savings

Every dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity, even at the highest lighting levels.

Enhanced Convenience

You can control your lighting system with ease on the devices you already love.

Change your experience

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Experience your own Lighting Renaissance and change how you feel about your home!


We design, install, program and maintain smart home technology and commercial control systems.  We provide simple control of integrated technology and automation comprised of audio, video, lighting, shading, climate control, energy and power management, networking, phone, and security components.


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