Step into a room filled with alluring lighting, and you’ll instantly feel a warm, captivating sense of ease and serenity.

While if you enter the same room with a lighting deficiency, your mood will spontaneously flip.

Why is this so?

Lighting plays a much bigger role than you could imagine when it comes to mental well-being and physical health.

When used effectively, lightning can also boost your overall mood and even improve your sleep.

But in order to reap all the benefits of light, homeowners should take control of incredible emerging lighting tools.

In the past few years, there has been no shortage of demand for installing lighting control.

But how effective can it really be in your home, and is it the right fit for you?

Keep reading to discover all the benefits of lighting control and whether you should consider installing this innovative technology in your home.

Conserve Energy & Save on Your Electric Bill

Once installed, your automated lighting system guarantees you’ll get the right amount of light through three types of sensors that rotate your lightning between on, off, and dimmed.

These sensors are:

Time Control
his option completely automates the on/off schedule of your lights, and the times set can always be adjusted and changed according to your schedule.

Light Sensors
This sensor detects the amount of light coming through windows and calculates what amount of artificial lighting is needed to give your body the necessary level it needs to operate at peak levels.

Motion Sensors
This sensor activates and deactivates lights by identifying whether someone is coming in or leaving a room.

Pre-Configured Scene Setting

This one is probably the biggest perk of lighting control systems because it allows you to activate different modes through a simple push of a button.

For example, if you activate reading mode, the system will brighten the lights to ensure the words are clearly visible.

Some of the pre-configured scenes in lighting systems include:

Watching TV

Maximum Safety & Security

By activating sensors or simply using your smartphone, you can roam around the house freely at night. Say goodbye to trying to reach the lights blindly (and hurting your pinky toe on your way). It’s also worth mentioning that setting your lights to turn on while you’re away or during the night can make your home extremely hard to target for thieves on the lookout.

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Upgrading Your Mood

Recent studies have shown that our physiology as human beings is directly tied to light, and the presence or absence can also affect our mood. 

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

A little-known benefit of lighting systems, light exposure has been proven to disturb the circadian rhythm, which inevitably leads to loss of sleep and mood swings. Researchers have also suggested that bright light can affect the severity of our feelings positively and negatively.

When exposed to certain types of lighting, such as ambient brightness, people can start to change their attitude toward other people because of an increased sense of aggression based on the ambient lighting.

On the other hand, completely blacking out your room and blocking out all sources of light can lead to numbness in feelings and emotionless decision-making.

It All Comes Together

With the ability to control mood, safety, and sleep, light can be a lot more powerful than people may assume. And the best way to stay on top of your home lighting is by far through lighting automation. Technology has come a long way, and it’s time to catch up. Lighting control systems are taking over because of their unique ability to control the brightness of your room from the comfort of wherever you are.

If you’re pumped up about this completely automated way of controlling your lighting but not quite sure you’re ready to make the jump, don’t worry. Our experts are just a phone call away from giving you the best advice on what action steps you should be taking, and you’ll also get more info on best practices and choices for installing your first lighting system.

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