Smart homes were once seen as a far-off capability… So much so that they were showcased as
attractions in great amusement parks like Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld. The Tomorrowland smart home of then has now become our reality of today! How lucky are we to live in a day and age where we can control our homes with a tap of a button from our mobile computers (smartphones) while not being remotely close to home? Or how about controlling lighting, climate control, and more with the sound of our voice? Our future is so bright with all this technology, and our yesteryear houses are begging to become Tomorrowland homes. But, there’s one little issue… With all this smart tech comes the need for better connectivity and communication between devices within the home. What’s the point in having a home full of smart devices if your network can’t handle them? But not to fear, Capitol Technology Group solves this exact issue and more!

Imagine this scenario (it may feel pretty similar to what you currently experience). Joe and Betty found a
gorgeous smart home. It came fully loaded with everything a futuristic 21st-century couple could want,
but when they walked outside to enjoy a nice BBQ, their phones lost connection to the internet, same in the garage and even their master bedroom. They purchased the fastest internet that the service provider offered, but didn’t take into consideration that the wifi distance had nothing to do with what speed they chose. A normal home has dozens of connected devices throughout. By sticking with the service provider’s single wifi broadcaster, Joe and Betty are conceding that all of their smart home tech must stay within a few feet of that broadcaster … Yikes.

With a recommendation from a friend, Joe and Betty quickly learned there was a solution to their little dilemma… Capitol Technology Group. Our family-owned business set them up with a well designed wifi broadcasting system that reaches everywhere. Now they can enjoy coverage all throughout their home at high speeds, not to mention they don’t have to worry when they have guests over for a backyard hangout. Go ahead, Joe and Betty, hang that WiFi sign with pride, knowing your network can handle it!

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Let’s take a look at another possibly familiar scenario. Russ and Jane bought a lovely home. It had all the rustic charm they adored but came with no futuristic bells and whistles they desired. Fortunately, they had a ton of options thanks to their Texas Smart Friends! Implementing smart technology into their home without removing the historic charm is an easy feat for Capitol Technology Group.

Russ and Jane wanted smart lighting. No problem! Our in-house lighting experts create efficient and elegant lighting solutions that illuminate any space based not only aesthetics but also functionality. Next up on this happy couple’s list, smart devices such as thermostats, deadbolts and music throughout. They knew what smart tech they wanted to bring into their home, but not how to install and integrate them and make these devices work in an easy and friendly way. Good thing we have expertly trained technicians who know how to do just that! We are able to turn a charming home with great bones into your very own Jetson’s dream home in a snap!

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Now start to think about your own home situation. Are you like our first couple, in need of a little extra boosting to your home network’s speed and distance? Or are you more like our second couple needing assistance with implementation, programming, or system monitoring?

Whatever your smart home needs are, we guarantee our expert team is prepared to tackle them including existing, new or future home builds! Smart technology projects take effective planning, organizing, and allocating of resources to ensure timely completion and desired results. Our dedicated project managers can assist with these moving parts while communicating every step of the process. And when the dust has settled, and your technology is up and running in your efficient smart home… Capitol Technology Group will be here waiting in the wing whenever you need us to perform a little maintenance to keep things in check!

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Looking for a different smart home solution? Well… come to think of it… our team is capable of more!
Yes, it’s a long list, but we are extremely proud to provide all these services to our clients! So, just to
recap, we can provide smart home solutions, including automation, audio/ video, security systems, camera systems, energy management, motorized window treatments, motorized outdoor shades, lighting design, Wi-Fi and networking.

Oh, and before we forget, commercial solutions are on that list too!

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