We are all looking for ways to be safer, cleaner, and stay entertained during the pandemic. Smart home technology has much to offer in all of these areas. Also, there are some helpful ways to utilize systems, perhaps already installed in your home, to enhance their capabilities. In this article, we will discuss ways to optimize your home for COVID-19 safety and fun and suggest some technology to introduce to your smart home to ensure that you stay safe and entertained throughout the life of this pandemic. Let’s get started!


The popularity of voice-controlled devices in a smart home is growing substantially during the pandemic. It is suggested that regularly touched surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected daily. With fewer surfaces being touched, less cleanup is required, making your smart home a safer place. Techrepublic.com has reported that the “COVID-19 pandemic impact pushing smart home voice control devices to predicted 30% growth” because hands-free device operation is preferred. They also note that since more people work from home, voice-controlled smart homes are preferred by users. We have compiled a list of voice-operated devices that can be used by voice services such as Amazon Alexa:

  • Lighting
  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Window Shades
  • Homes Theaters and Entertainment Rooms

Voice-control, when implemented, becomes the platform in which you operate your smart home. Most smart home devices can connect to Amazon Alexa, with Alexa becoming the standard for home automation and voice control. Commercial and Medical systems are also harnessing the power of Amazon Alexa’s voice control.

If you don’t have it already, pick up a voice control system compatible with the smart home devices that you already have. If you’re not sure, our technicians can assist you in making the right choice.

To review, if you promote voice control within your smart home, you will have to touch fewer surfaces, making your home COVID-19 friendly.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but since you’re spending more time at home, you want to be comfortable and save as much money on your energy costs as possible. Getting a thermostat that is not only automated but can connect to your other smart home devices is ideal. Additional voice control is optimal. For example, if it is warm in your home, a simple “cool off” voice command can close the window blinds and turn on the AC for a short time.

Additionally, with COVID-19 being a concern, some best practices and some minor upgrades can keep your home safe. Leaving the fan running between the heating system or AC running will not only keep air circulating throughout the house, but it will also continue filtering the air. If you take this approach, it would also be advisable to increase your HVAC filter’s quality to remove fine particles. Also, HVAC professionals may be able to offer you add-ons to your HVAC system to inject OZONE and run all of the air you breathe through a UV light treatment to kill off any unwanted germs.


Smart homes are elevated to the next level with smart door handles. Such locks feature voice control with systems such as Amazon Alexa, BlueTooth entry with smartphones, remote access when used along with video doorbells or video intercom systems, and temporary BlueTooth access for friends. A must-have for the times we’re living in for sure!


While spending much more time at home these days, multi-room music systems are a nice thing. To play your favorite playlist over BlueTooth to your house is something that takes your smart home to elite status! When connected to smart home systems such as Control 4 and Amazon Alexa, all of the conveniences are there and will help you pass the time in style!


As mentioned earlier, smart homes with automated lighting can help with COVID-19. How so? With voice control capabilities or motion sensors, the need to use light switches is a thing of yesterday. So not only is it much more convenient, smart lighting controls help you stay healthier and improve the security of your home. Lighting automation is essential for inside and outside the house. It also goes without saying that LED lighting provides better lighting inside the home and helps save money on your energy bill!


These are ways to improve your smart home to stay safe and entertained during the pandemic and beyond. By optimizing your smart capabilities, you can get much more for the investment. And at the same time, you will impress your friends when they can come over in the future!

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