When we think of audio gear, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is our home theater. But we can enhance our listening experience in the home theater and beyond. Multi-room listening systems, satellite watching areas, outdoor entertainment systems, and even bedroom televisions can all benefit from elevated audio equipment. In this article, we will discuss some steps that you can take to improve the sound of music, movies, or anything else that you listen to so that you can make your at-home experience the most enjoyable.


There is nothing that says “high-end” like a multi-room audio system. A common misconception is that speaker systems throughout the home must sound like the tinny systems you hear in an elevator or a grocery store. We supply speaker systems that fit in the ceiling but have the fidelity of an audiophile listening system. Stream your favorite tunes and listen to them throughout the house. Multi-room audio systems can be a dedicated system or connected to your primary listening system. The fidelity in our multi-room audio systems is incredible, yet they’re so discrete they can hardly be noticed.


Perhaps you have a home theater or a listening room, but you may have a television in the family room, or in another part of your home that gets used often. What then? Depending on your use of the space, you may decide to add a discrete surround sound system composed of all of the elements needed, including left and right main channels, center channel, ceiling-mounted down-firing channels for Dolby Atmos® systems, and surround channels. We have high-fidelity speaker systems that can mount flush into the wall so that your space can remain simple in appearance, yet sound as good as your main home theater. Check with our sales engineers on what would work best for your space.


In our recent article entitled “Shake the COVID-19 Blues With Outdoor Audio Solutions – Take The Party Outside Our Homes And Into The Backyard,” we shared multiple options to take your listening experience outside. We featured various speaker systems that not only allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while enjoying your time in the backyard. We recommend installing the best quality equipment, including Klipsch and Sonos. These systems can connect to your indoor multi-room audio system making your jam sessions fully immersive no matter where you are on your property. The goal here is also to have a solution that maintains a blended look, including speakers that look like the rocks in your landscape or even small light fixtures. Just because your audio system outside sounds big, doesn’t mean it needs to be an eyesore.


Many of us have a television or perhaps a BlueTooth speaker in our bedrooms. If no-good, tinny sound has not been an option in the rest of your home, why let it remain with the bedroom systems? Soundbars are available that feature surround sound capabilities, wireless subwoofers, and even satellite surround speakers. But why not take it to the next level with in-wall speaker systems for your bedroom as well? Your main bathroom would also benefit from integrated speaker systems for listening to music while getting ready or even listening to your favorite podcast during your morning shower.


No matter where you are in your home, you have options to elevate your listening experience. Because let’s face it, we are spending more time in our homes and enjoying our time with family. By improving our audio gear, we are, in essence, improving our stay-at-home experience. So do your part to make your ears happy and look into upgrading your house-wide sound system.

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