Staying up to date on conference room technology isn’t about vanity or trying to have the latest and greatest gear. Alongside email and cell phones, video conference rooms are what enable businesses to operate outside of the ‘brick and mortar’ establishment, giving them a national and even international presence. It is for this reason why it is so essential that your conference room is set up with 4K as well as optimizing the supportive tech to secure the best possible conferencing experience. In this article, we will discuss the elements of your conference room system that make the most difference and why you need to upgrade to a 4K system.


Cameras are getting better and less expensive every day. One may ask, “Why a 4K camera for conferences anyway?” The 4K video standard not only packs in 4x the amount of pixel resolution as compared to an HD camera which is essentially a 1K system. The 4K standard also supports twice the number of colors and deeper blacks. Upgrading to a 4K camera is ideal.


The next item on the list for the 4K upgrade is the monitor. 4K monitors are designed not only to display 4K signals from the camera feeds but to also display your other devices in the conference room including your computer for presentations in 4K. Everything will look razor-sharp and appealing and makes for a great showpiece when you have that big client in for a meeting.


As we say in most of our articles, the technology is only as good as the infrastructure in place to support it. Before pulling the 4K trigger, ensure that your network and internet services are capable of handling 4K streams. 20-30Mbps service should work at a bare minimum just for use during the conference. We recommend 10x that speed to ensure there is no shortage in bandwidth for the rest of the office while you’re talking the ‘big stuff’ with the big client.


The answer is as simple as one word: transparency. Transparency is why 4K will make you more productive and have more enjoyable meetings. Transparency will make you forget that you have a 4K conferencing system altogether. Wait! Back up! Why would I want to upgrade my conferencing system to 4K so that I can forget about it? Let’s remember why the conferencing system is installed in the first place. It is there so that you can conveniently meet with people all over the nation and the world.

Think about it; the plagues to all meetings are distractions and interruptions. 4K upgrades are the closest thing to being in the same room as the other party. There are no more pixelated videos and robot voices. Crystal clear streams of video and audio are in your future with robust network and internet speeds as well as 4K video. Transparency allows you to conduct business in the way that it was done in the good old days, face-to-face, even though you are on the other side of the world.


In the end, your team will be more productive, having a meeting instead of a technology nightmare. You and your client will feel better after each session as well, leading to better relations with your prospects and partners.

4K is the future of conference room systems, and you cannot afford not to upgrade!

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