If you own a ‘brick and mortar’ business, you must communicate with your patrons constantly by way of signage. Have you found yourself wishing that your signs could change throughout the day, targeting your special offers to your clients? Digital signage may be a good choice for you.

What are the benefits of digital signage? And, why would digital signage be a good fit for me? These questions and more will be answered in this article!


We will consider the following benefits:

  1. Adaptable for any business
  2. Schedule content to change throughout the year, month, week, day, and hour
  3. Do experiments and decide what content works


No matter if you are a school, car repair facility, corporate office, restaurant, or retail store, you can enjoy digital signage. Anywhere that you have a message for your patrons and you would like that message to change, digital signage is up to the task. The design of your signage is managed in the Content Management Software (CMS) and can also be managed from there. From the CMS, you can manually change prices, Limited Time Offers (LTOs), pictures, videos, and other digital assets to maximize the impact on your viewers.

Perhaps you are in an office building, and no patrons are in the building. Can digital signage help you then? Of course! Communication with your employees is critical! They want to know the latest company news. They would like to see a live feed of the company’s Twitter social media, or perhaps something as simple as the weather.

Corporate Communications is a perfect way to build the morale of the employees while passively entertaining them as well. In all, digital signage is like TOFU. It can take on the ‘taste’ of any business environment in which you utilize it.


One business owner chose digital signage for her hotel because she knew by December of each year, the promotions she wanted for the following year. Before the holidays, she would log in to her CMS, and design/schedule all offers for each week of the upcoming year. Next, she curated and implemented the content. Her favorite phrase was to “set it and forget it.” She would come to work each day, and the marketing content would always be up-to-date. What about offers or messages that need to be added? She would update those as she needed from within the CRM.

A Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) operator mentioned that they have a “dead zone” between lunch and dinner. To make up for the slow business, he set his menu boards to decrease the prices of the meals during those times to make up for lost revenue.

These are some examples of the benefits of digital signage. Use your imagination and think about how implementing a digital signage solution could help your business.


What designs, tag lines, and offers are going to resonate with your customers? Would they buy an add-on service if they could benefit? What if cost savings motivate them? How about how their peers view them? In any industry, what drives your customers to buy or do something? The answers to that question continually change. It is beneficial then to conduct experiments and split testing.

Try different tag lines, designs, and messages to see what works. Notify the viewer to mention the promotion at the register or when they place their order so that you can record which ad works best. You will be surprised by how much fun it will be to hone your client-facing communication and make the most out of your digital signage.


Do you find yourself changing out paper posters and signs out often? Do you want to dress up your workplace to bring it into the 21st century? Take a look at digital signage. You may find that it is just what you were looking for all along.