DIY Home security has never been better or more convenient. But can they stand up to the benefits of professional installations? What solution is best for you? These topics will be discussed in this article.


Low-cost stand-alone systems, including the Ring Doorbells and Blink cloud-based systems, are low cost, easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use. They also feature home automation functionality, including the integration with Amazon Alexa and through proxy, the Control4 home automation systems. Additionally, improved privacy features are slowly being added to make cloud-based systems even more secure.

So is this list of “pros” a sign that these DIY solutions are the demise of the more robust professionally installed solutions? Is this the natural progression of technology?

Not quite. A consumer product can rarely sweep in and ultimately disrupt the entire field of professional solutions. While instant gratification is a selling point for the DIY user, reliability, privacy, and safety are the selling points for the professionally installed solutions available on the market today.


While the DIY solutions have limited access to automation systems, professionally installed systems integrate fully with automation and alarm systems. Smart system fire systems can utilize cameras to detect flame motion when smoke and fire sensors haven’t tripped yet. These systems can be as private as possible with correctly set up privacy settings and network controls. The convenience of Amazon Alexa integration is still there, and the ability to be integrated with Control4 and Crestron systems goes much deeper.

Another benefit to professionally installed systems is the team that is behind designing the system. Factors such as the neighborhood you live in, existing security measures, and smart home devices that you have, all affect which camera security system you can use.


As we can see, just because a solution is convenient doesn’t mean it’s going to make your residence any safer. With the proper design and integration, the best results can be had. The days are over when home security systems are clunky or hard to use. The satisfaction of downloading an app, then pressing a button to see who is at your front door, and even talking to them is not limited to the DIY user. Professionally designed systems are on the same level of convenience as DIY but are on a whole other level of capability. Before dismissing a professionally installed system, speak to one of the consultants at Capitol Technology Group to discuss integrated options so that you get the best for your investment. If you do, you will make your home the safest possible for your family for years to come.

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